The Continuous Improvement for Equity (CI4E) Project was formed in 2018 to identify resources, tools, and approaches from Gates-funded Networks for School Improvement (NSIs) that intentionally infuse equity into each component of the continuous improvement process. While analyzing each component, the project team developed a list of equity questions for each component and curated a set of aligned resources. The CI4E Resource Hub was launched in 2019. To review the project teams, go to Our Teams. We are grateful for their deep work, which laid the foundation for this site.

In 2022, a new version of the resource hub was developed to expand its reach to schools, districts, and organizations outside of NSI networks. The new site features:

Guided pathways, a survey tool that asks equity questions and provides users with a custom list of resources. 

A resource library where users can download specific resources using search and filter criteria.

Incorporation of equity checks throughout the website using principles, process, identity work, and self-reflection questions. 

A glossary and webpages to support users from all levels of knowledge of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Learn more about the conceptual framework of continuous improvement for equity at Understanding CI4E.